St-Tropez brings glamour to the Côte d’Azur


Cote-d'AzurThe legend of st tropez began in the early 1950's when glamorous celebrities such as Brigitte Bardot, Roger Vadim and Sacha Distel descended on the resort, bringing an entourage of 'paparazzi' in their wake.

By the mid-1960's, St-Tropez had become internationally renowned as a place where 'beautiful people' of the international jet-set bought lavish holiday villas and moored their luxurious yachts in the local marina.

Several decades later, it remains as fashionable as ever - a powerful magnet for the world's super-rich who often arrive by private jet, helicopter or luxury yacht.

Today, there is little left of the former fishing village of St-Tropez, with the yachts and motor-launches far outnumbering the fishing fleet! The harbour area is vibrant and lively with many stylish boutiques, restaurants and cafes - strategically placed for people-watching and star-gazing!

St-Tropez - a hedonistic cocktail of laid-back, sexy and chic - entertaining a new generation of cosmopolitan pleasure seekers

There are several small beaches around the area of St-Tropez, but the best and most popular is Pampelonne, just outside the town, where the legendary Club 55 beach club is located.

For most of the year, million-dollar+ yachts can be seen moored close to the beach, and sightseers can be seen wandering round admiring the many prestigious marques in the car park!

The actual town of St-Tropez is very small and, out of season, around 6,000 people live in the town, but during the spring and summer months, this number swells to about 100,000.

Surprisingly, it is still comparatively underdeveloped and on Pampelonne beach no new permanent structures are allowed. There are few major hotels outside the town, where vineyards are still a more common sight than 'manicured' country estates.

The scenic villages of Grimaud, Ramatuelle and Gassin are hidden amongst the nearby foothills surrounded by beautiful countryside and with views of the mountains, these Medieval villages remain almost untouched by the passing of time.

The picturesque Port Grimaud lies at the head of the gulf of St-Tropez. This private lagoon leisure resort was created in the 1960's, but appears much older, having been designed and constructed along the lines of an old traditional Mediterranean fishing village.

All the houses are exquisitely tasteful in Provencal style, it is very pretty with waterways for roads and yachts parked at the bottom of every garden!

This is the area of St-Tropez- a glamorous 'playground' where royalty and 'old money' from around Europe and overseas rubs shoulders with a new generation of super-rich, super-models, film-stars, entertainers and artists!

Part of the magic of St-Tropez is that even with all its obvious opulence and resident-wealth, it still retains an informal, laid-back ethos and its captivating natural beauty remains unspoilt.