Paris is the most visited city in the world


The idea of buying a property in Paris the city of lights remains one of the most visited tourist destinations in the world, due to its intoxicating mix of historical monuments, award winning cuisine and picturesque architecture.

Demand is so high that potential buyers must be prepared to think and act fast in order to secure a property.

Paris covers a relatively limited area of land, whose boundaries are marked by the periphery ring road. Within these limits buyers choose from properties in one of 20 districts or arrondisements.

Sellers in Paris are often inundated by offers and they can select the offer with the greatest financial strength.

Buyers must be in a position to act quickly and efficiently with a written offer in principle from a reputable lender.

Buy to let mortgages do not exist in Paris and you have to prove that you can completely afford the repayments on your mortgage regardless of the income you can earn from letting the property out. ( there are however significant tax advantages in having a mortgage when letting out)